Storytell Webinar: Unlock RFP Success With AI

January 20, 2024

Are you a knowledge worker involved in grant applications? Discover how Storytell's SmartChat™ can improve your grant workflows, making them more efficient and streamlined

With SmartChat™, you can effortlessly analyze and extract valuable insights from the vast amount of data associated with grant applications. Whether you're dealing with spreadsheets, PDFs, or other file formats, SmartChat™ allows you to interact with your entire data repository, instantly extracting key information relevant to your grant proposal. Say goodbye to manual data analysis and save valuable time in the process.

Writing Good Prompts and Utilizing Madlibs

To maximize the effectiveness of SmartChat™, it's crucial to write good prompts that guide the AI model in providing accurate and relevant responses. When creating prompts, consider the specific information you need and structure your questions accordingly. Clear and concise prompts will yield more precise results, helping you extract the desired insights from your grant-related data.

Additionally, you can leverage the power of Madlibs-style prompts to further enhance your interactions with SmartChat™. Madlibs allow you to create a story template with specific placeholders for variables. By filling in these placeholders with the relevant information from your grant application, you can generate dynamic and personalized responses from SmartChat™. This approach adds flexibility and customization to your interactions, making the AI model's outputs more aligned with your specific needs.

This is the sample prompt featured in our webinar. You can actively participate in the SmartChat™ querying session by accessing the shared workspace here.

"The attached content is a previous grant application that [insert name of organization] wrote to get funding for its [insert name of program] to [insert purpose of program]. Use this information in this content to respond to a Request for Proposal from [insert name of funder or foundation]. When doing so, write detailed paragraphs that pertain to each of these questions:Use this template to write a proposal using my capabilities for [insert name of funder or foundation].Write detailed paragraphs that pertain to each of these questions:What is the organization's purpose?How does the project or organization uniquely and directly benefit one or more of our focus areas, which are [insert focus areas] What would a donation to your organization be used for?"

Streamlined Collaboration

Collaboration is crucial when working on grant applications, involving multiple stakeholders across different departments. SmartChat™ breaks down data silos by consolidating information from various sources into a unified view. This enables seamless collaboration, ensuring that all team members have access to the same data, facilitating better decision-making and fostering a more efficient grant application process.

Simplifying Complex Data Findings

Communicating complex data findings to non-technical stakeholders can be a challenge. SmartChat™ simplifies this process by transforming intricate data into easily understandable insights. You can translate complex data points into digestible information, enabling you to effectively communicate the value of your grant proposal to a wider audience. This ensures that everyone involved in the decision-making process can grasp the significance of your work.

By harnessing the power of SmartChat™, knowledge workers working with grants can experience a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. Stay ahead of the curve in the grant application process and unlock new opportunities for success with Storytell's SmartChat™.