Storytell Webinar: Leveraging AI for Legal Prowess with SmartChat™

December 16, 2023

This Storytell webinar demonstrated the capabilities of SmartChat™, positioning it as a critical asset for the legal industry's workforce. This feature designed to supercharge data management practices for legal practitioners, encompassing experienced attorneys, paralegals, and insightful legal analysts.

SmartChat™ presents a data-driven strategy for navigating and organizing complex legislative documents, which often encompasses a mix of unstructured and structured data, including legal texts, transcripts, case files, qualitative data, and court decisions (in formats like PDFs, DOCX, and CSVs) without sifting through volumes of data manually.

This webinar provides a comprehensive guide on how SmartChat™ can be utilized to make sense of legal information and turn them into actionable insights, streamline legal research, and foster collaboration across legal teams by dismantling information silos.

Key scenarios where SmartChat™ elevates legal operations: Pain point:

• Pain point: “Legal research is time-consuming, and staying updated with current laws is challenging."

SmartChat™ empowers you to engage with your entire legal library by directly chatting with it using effective prompts (for example, to find underlying patterns), enabling instant access to critical legal insights, regardless of data size.

• Pain point: “Our case files and legal references are dispersed over various platforms, obstructing a unified analysis."

SmartChat™ integrates data from disparate sources, offering a centralized analysis platform for a complete legal understanding.

• Pain point: “It's difficult to explain complex legal information to clients who lack a legal background."

SmartChat™ demystifies legal jargon, helping you convey complex legal concepts in an understandable and actionable format for your clients.

In the rapidly evolving legal sector, SmartChat™ ensures that your firm remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.