Storytell Webinar: Harnessing LLMs with SmartChat™ for revenue growth and data-driven insights

November 17, 2023

This webinar focuses on the use of Storytell's SmartChat™ for revenue leaders. It demoes how SmartChat™ serves as a solution to common challenges faced by sales and revenue teams, such as accessing up-to-date product and prospect information, nailing down effective deal closures, and boosting overall sales performance.

The webinar provides insights into how Storytell's SmartChat™ can be used by  sales leaders, AEs, AMs, sales engineers and RevOps can leverage AI & LLMs to beat quota and sell more effectively especially in these scenarios:

• Pain point: “I can’t answer this prospect’s technical questions"

With Storytell, you can SmartChat™ with all your sales engineering team’s knowledge 24/7.

• Pain point: “The Salesforce MEDDIC fields are always blank."

Save time analyzing and listening through your prospect call. You can get straight to the info and insights as you SmartChat™ with all your calls & emails with a prospect and ask it for MEDDIC next steps.

You can also load your our prospect’s 10-Q quarterly SEC filings, product documentation & more so you can understand your prospect’s business better than they do.