Storytell Webinar: Increase Customer Success with AI

December 9, 2023

As a customer success leader, the ability to quickly access and analyze customer data is paramount. This webinar highlights the transformative power of Storytell's SmartChat™ in empowering customer success teams to harness their data efficiently and effectively.

During this webinar session, we explore the features of SmartChat™ that allow customer success professionals to seamlessly navigate through vast amounts of customer interactions, support tickets, and feedback—structured or unstructured. By integrating SmartChat™ into their workflow, customer success teams can rapidly synthesize data to drive retention, satisfaction, and growth.

Highlighted scenarios for SmartChat™ use in Customer Success:

• Pain point: “Sifting through customer feedback is overwhelming and time-consuming."

Solution: SmartChat™ enables real-time querying of customer feedback data, delivering immediate insights that drive action and strategy.

• Pain point: “We have rich customer data, both structured and unstructured, but lack the tools to analyze it for upsell opportunities."

Solution: With SmartChat™, identify patterns and trends within your data that reveal upsell and cross-sell opportunities, directly impacting your bottom line.

• Pain point: “Presenting data insights to executives and stakeholders is a challenge."

Solution: SmartChat™ distills complex data into clear, concise, and compelling narratives that resonate with stakeholders, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Learn to leverage the dynamic capabilities of SmartChat™ to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring your organization's competitive advantage in the customer success domain.