Storytell Webinar: Technical Writing with AI

March 21, 2024

SmartChat™ offers a transformative solution for technical writers, sales teams, product teams, and marketing teams by streamlining the communication and documentation process.

For technical writers, it provides an efficient way to create accurate and clear documentation directly from product demos, reducing the time spent translating technical features into user-friendly language.

Sales teams benefit from SmartChat™ by quickly generating one-pagers and presentations that highlight the latest product features and benefits, enabling them to effectively communicate value propositions to potential clients.

Product teams can use SmartChat™ to maintain a clear and updated roadmap of feature releases and development progress, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and informed. Lastly, marketing teams can leverage SmartChat™ to swiftly produce engaging content, such as blogs and social media posts, that resonate with their audience and promote new features, thanks to its ability to distill complex technical information into compelling narratives.

By breaking down silos and providing a unified platform for knowledge sharing, SmartChat™ empowers these diverse teams to collaborate more effectively and accelerate the go-to-market process.

Use cases and useful prompts

• Pain point: “Creating technical documentation from engineering demos is time-consuming and cumbersome."

Storytell's SmartChat™ allows technical writers to interact with dynamic data containers, such as product demo videos, to generate concise and accurate technical documentation swiftly.

Here's a prompt you can try using SmartChat™:

Use this video of our engineers describing what they’ve built as the basis for writing technical documentation. Do not use any marketing language, as technical writing is an agreement with our users, so we cannot oversell. Just state things plainly as they are and explain how they work.

• Pain point: “Cross-functional teams struggle to access and utilize the same level of knowledge effectively."

Storytell's platform breaks down silos by providing teams with equal access to knowledge, enabling them to work collaboratively and create content that serves their specific needs.

Here's a prompt you can try using SmartChat™:

Using the technical documentation, your task is to inform the marketing and sales departments about the latest features of our AI tool, SmartChat™, ensuring they have a deep understanding of its capabilities and benefits. Your writing should be clear, concise, and tailored to the needs of both departments, highlighting how these features can be leveraged to attract customers and drive sales.

Now take this and write a blog for our marketing department to inform the world about our new features and thank the users whose feedback helped to build them

• Pain point: “Getting the word out about new features is a slow and disjointed process."

With Storytell, you can transform engineering demos into marketing content, sales enablement materials, and social media posts in a streamlined, one-day process.

Here's a prompt you can try using SmartChat™:

You are a marketing writer tasked with creating captivating social media captions to promote a blog post about [insert topic]. Your goal is to engage audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by highlighting the key points and enticing them to read further. Keep the captions concise, informative, and tailored to each platform's audience and character limit.
Blog Post Title: [Insert Blog Post Title]
Key Points:
[Summarize the main point 1]
[Summarize the main point 2]
[Summarize the main point 3]
Target Audience:Tech enthusiasts, professionals in [relevant industry], and anyone interested in [topic].
Platform-specific Guidelines:
Facebook:- Caption Length: 1-2 sentences- Tone: Conversational, engaging- Utilize emojis and visuals to enhance appeal
Twitter:- Caption Length: Max 280 characters- Utilize hashtags relevant to the topic and industry- Encourage retweets and engagement through questions or prompts
LinkedIn:- Caption Length: 2-3 sentences- Maintain a professional tone= Highlight the practical implications or benefits for professionals in the field