Storytell Webinar: AI-Powered Research

December 22, 2023

The landscape of research is constantly changing, necessitating the need for innovative tools that can keep pace with the rapid influx of data. This Storytell webinar showcases the capabilities of SmartChat™, a Storytell feature designed to boost the research process for professionals across various fields.

Storytell Webinar: AI-Powered Research

In our latest webinar, we delve into the functionalities of SmartChat™ that researchers require to effectively parse through extensive datasets, scholarly articles, and complex information—whether it's structured or unstructured. SmartChat™ integration into research activities enables folks in the academe and professionals to distill vast amounts of data into actionable insights swiftly.

Highlighted use cases for SmartChat™ in Research:

• Pain point: Compiling and analyzing research data from multiple sources is daunting and inefficient."

Solution: SmartChat™ offers agile querying capabilities, allowing researchers to consolidate and interpret data on-the-fly, which accelerates the discovery of relevant findings and conclusions. This is enhanced with Story Tiles, enabling researchers with confidence that insights are backed up with sources.

• Pain point:Identifying emerging trends and patterns within research fields is challenging due to data volume."

Solution: SmartChat™ provides powerful pattern recognition, enabling researchers to uncover new trends and directions in their field, thereby staying ahead of the curve.

• Pain point: “Communicating complex research findings to a non-specialist audience is often complicated."

Solution: SmartChat™ simplifies the translation of intricate research data into digestible, engaging narratives that captivate and inform a broader audience, thereby enhancing outreach and impact. You can also enable the markdown feature, which helps in presenting data in much digestable table format.

Discover the power of being well-versed in data and forecasting—an often underrated skill. Unlock the full potential of SmartChat™ to not just meet, but surpass the expectations of your team and stakeholders. Elevate your organization's competitive edge in the data-driven landscape by upleveling your research skills.