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Become an Alpha or Beta Tester

From sketches to reality: Help define and prioritize our product roadmap

May 28, 2024
Become an Alpha or Beta Tester

One of our Core Values is "Market Signal is our North Star" and our truth comes from our users as a part of that value. We always strive to build in the open with fast-feedback from users, like we've done in San Diego, in Santa Rosa, and even from a boat in the BVIs. By joining as an alpha or beta tester, we'll invite you to rapid prototyping events like these, too.


Sign up here to help shape Storytell's product roadmap as an alpha or beta tester. When you sign up, just choose "alpha" or "beta" tester on the early access form.


Alpha: From sketches to MVPs

If you love going "behind the curtain" to help define Storytell's features at the earliest stages, we invite you to become an alpha tester. This is the earliest of our access programs. You'll work directly with DROdio, our CEO, Erika our CCO and our engineering team to provide early feedback on ideas, sketches and mocks as we iterate on "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) features.

  • You will get access to our development environment
  • Best for users who love to dive into what could be -- regardless of whether it makes it out to production
  • Very early ideation
  • Often at the idea / sketch stage (here's an example of what that's like)
  • Typically 3-7 emails per week (also posted to an alpha testers Slack channel if you prefer to respond there)
  • Make the most impact on Storytell's product roadmap

Beta: Test new features

If you'd rather wait until a new feature is in a working state, you can become a beta tester. You'll get early access to new features once the alpha testing team has iterated on and shipped them.

  • You will get access to our staging environment
  • Best for users who want to give feedback on working features that will soon be shipped to production
  • Typically 1-2 emails per week (also posted to a beta testers Slack channel if you prefer to respond there)
  • Prioritize your time to focus on features that are in a working MVP state
  • Alpha testers will also be included in the beta testing group

We're looking forward to learning more about how you'd like Storytell to work. The entire Storytell crew is excited to build for you!

Pro-tip: Here's how to be a great early access tester:

The more you can show us what you're experiencing, the faster we can understand and iterate on your feedback.

Step 1: Record your screen when giving us feedback: I recommend using Zight as a screen recording tool. It will automatically create a "secret link" URL of whatever you record for us.

Step 2: It's very, very helpful if you can "Inspect → Console" to show us what's happening behind the scenes as you test.

Full details on how to perform these two steps in this 2 minute how-to video:


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