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Storytell MVP Update: Foundational Improvements and Enhanced Chat Experience

Storytell's engineering team has made significant foundational improvements to the platform's architecture, data model, and chat experience, setting the stage for rapid development of innovative user-facing features and enhanced AI-powered content creation capabilities.

Aaron Greenlee
April 25, 2024
Storytell MVP Update: Foundational Improvements and Enhanced Chat Experience

Hi, users! Over the past few weeks, the engineering team has been working tirelessly to make significant improvements to the Storytell architecture, data model, and chat experience. These updates lay a robust foundation for future development and unlock exciting possibilities for our users.

Foundational Work and Architecture Enhancements

Ever heard of the iceberg metaphor? This is a perfect example. Much of this progress is hidden "below the surface" but serves to form a solid base that allows us to build innovative features on top. This work includes:

  • Ephemeral environments for streamlined development and testing
  • Localization readiness for multi-language support
  • Updated data model for advanced features like abuse flagging and vanity URLs
  • Integration of automated testing using Playwright

Over 200,000 lines of code have been written in recent weeks to establish this strong foundation, setting the stage for rapid development of user-facing features and functionality.

Automated Testing and Ephemeral Environments

We've implemented automated testing using Playwright, which runs tests on every pull request. This improves efficiency and reliability compared to manual QA. Ephemeral environments allow us to create sandboxes for previewing functionality before merging into production, enabling quick iterations and thorough testing.

Intuitive and Delightful Chat Experience

Andi has focused on redesigning the chat prompt input to provide an intuitive and engaging user experience. Key features include:

  • Gradient animation that captures attention when focused
  • Unobtrusive design when not in use, becoming the main focus when interacted with
  • Chat toolbar for easy access to key functions
  • Slash menu for quick actions and future expandability
  • Support for mentions and auto-complete functionality

The chat prompt is designed to progressively reveal complexity as needed, ensuring a delightful experience for users.

Looking Ahead

These foundational improvements and the enhanced chat experience mark a turning point for the StoryTell platform. With a robust base in place, our team can now focus on rapidly building out user-facing features and functionality. We're excited about the possibilities ahead as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI-powered content creation.

View the full demo here:


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