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Building Storytell’s MVP: “Foundational Backend Service” Achievements

Status: On track, with a strong foundation for rapid growth and feature development.

Aaron Greenlee
Building Storytell’s MVP: “Foundational Backend Service” Achievements

Here are the most recent milestones achieved as we’re building our MVP. It’s important to note that we are on track, and we've laid a robust foundation that promises rapid growth and feature development.

1. Foundational Services:

The establishment of our Management Plane, Control Plane, and Web Console isn't just a technical achievement—it's a commitment to seamless user experiences.

We understand that the backbone of any great service is its ability to be understood and utilized effectively, which is why we've invested in comprehensive documentation, both internally and through the Open API Specification.

2. Data Integrity

Emphasized strict typing and ID safeguards are put in place to ensure data consistency.

3. Preview Environments

Preview Environments, powered by automated testing and demo tools like Vercel and Encore, mean that every update is rigorously vetted before it reaches users.

4. Observability

Our commitment to observability means that we're always one step ahead in resolving issues. With comprehensive tracing and logging, we're streamlining the path to solutions.

5. Event Sourcing

Committed to making sure we can meet the changing needs of our users, we employ Event Sourcing that’s focued on simplicity and efficiency, and incorporating snapshotting techniques for optimized querying.

6. A Data Model Designed for the Future

Supporting Users, Organizations, Projects, and Tenants, our MVP’s data model is designed for scalability and the inevitable evolution of team structures, including multi-organization membership. Automatic provisioning also streamlines user experience.

7. Google Authentication: A Seamless Start

Signing up with our latest MVP is as easy as it gets, thanks to Google Authentication. It's not just about ease of access; it's about synchronization and security. As you sign in, your Tenant, Organization, and Project are automatically created, and any changes are synchronized for returning users.

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Upcoming Milestones

The system is operational and ready to deliver value. Our immediate priority is enabling users to:

  • Upload textual knowledge
  • Interact with that knowledge
  • Project Planning

We've established specific milestones that map out the journey toward the Initial Value Demonstration and several subsequent steps. This framework facilitates collaboration and prioritization as we prepare Alma for user testing.

A screenshot highlighting the Milestones within Storytell's MVP, sharing how management of the project is maturing along with the code base.

(These updates were logged by the Engineering team on April 17 '24)

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