Everyone is Crew

We are all builders. We cultivate a spirit of mutual assistance where everyone puts their oars in the water.

What this value means:

  • We are here to be builders together. Not everyone is cut out to be a builder — we make sure in our interview process we identify and hire the very special people who like to come in early and create something magical for the world.

"Everyone is a driver in some part of our business. Nobody is just a passenger."

  • Collectively, we call ourselves a Crew. This means several things to us:

We are more than a “team.” A team comes together to accomplish a goal (like winning a game). We love to win, but we work together to do much more than just that. We are here to realize Storytell’s Vision together.

Crew is a more descriptive term that describes us collectively. Although most people think of the common definition, a group of people who work closely together, our definition also extends to the other definition of crew as well.

How to live this value:

Even/Over Statements for this value:

  • "Crew over Self" (reminiscent of JFK’s famous quote)

  • Sharing over Silence

Putting it into action:

  • As part of the engineering org, you happen to see that a user has an urgent need, but our customer experience team is offline. Instead of closing your laptop, you respond to the user even though it isn't "your job." This doesn't mean spending hours with the user, but more so composing a thoughtful response and bringing it to CX's attention.