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Try our new "YouTube to Storytell" Chrome Extension!

Want to be able to easily run Storytlel summaries on YouTube videos? Now you can with this Chrome Extension MVP we've configured through Zapier.

Just Click the Chrome Extension...

... to push a YouTube URL into your private Storytell Playground channel, like this:

(If you don't yet have a private slack channel in the Storytell Playground that's running Storytell, you can join the Playground here.)

Storytell will run automatically, and you can transform the YouTube content into a machine-generated Full Summary, like this:

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1 commentaire

01 mai

Can you please tell me how to install this extension for google? I have never installed extensions before and this has become a problem for me.

Could you please make a video that clearly shows each step of the installation? I think that this site, which collects popular voice recorders for mac, will help you in choosing a programme, if you haven't decided yet, of course.

By the way, how do you like the idea of creating a separate YouTube channel on this topic?

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