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Liberating & Enhancing Story Tiles™ with our Mercury 1.0.1 AI Algorithm

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

We just shipped the first massive update to our AI algorithm -- so big, in fact, that we've named this version of our Story Tile™ algorithm Mercury v1.0.1 and bundled it with a number of other usability improvements to Story Tiles.™ You can test it yourself by joining our Storytell Slack Playground. Here's what's new:

Liberate your Story Tiles™: Each now has its own unique "secret link"

Previously, you couldn't un-bundle a Story Tile™ from the larger Storytell summary report. Now that's changed: Each Story Tile™ has its own "secret link" URL, allowing you to easily pull the Story Tile™ out of source content and share it wherever you'd like.

Example use case: Storytell summarizes a 1 hour long Zoom meeting and creates a dozen Story Tiles™ from the meeting. You want to share just one part of the meeting with someone who wasn't there. Now that's easy with Story Tiles™.

See it in action in our new Storytell Web Report: As a part of this release, we've completely revamped the web report experience.

Try it yourself: Just join our Storytell Slack Playground here, then paste this YouTube URL into the #demo-channel: and have Storytell transform it into a full summary, an exec summary, a blog post and other types of content.

Introducing Mercury v1.0.1: Our Story Tile™ Algorithm makes a big leap

Mercury builds on 20 years of AI research and uses sentence transformers and other proprietary technology to suss out each individual concept from the original source content, creating Story Tiles™ for each concept.

Jing, Storytell's CTO, spoke with DROdio, Storytell's CEO, about the Mercury AI algorithm release that's powering the creation of Story Tiles™ to distill signal from noise, including how it works and what changed from our last release.

Get Creative: Remix your Zoom meetings and YouTube videos into new types of engaging content

In this previous Changelog post, we introduced the ability to transform your content. Now it's even better with the Mercury AI algorithm release.

Salesforce's Dreamforce happened recently. We ran Storytell on Marc Benioff's keynote and extracted 7 Story Tiles™ from his talk. Here's the full web report.

Want to see the output below for yourself? Join our Storytell Slack Playground and then click on this link to go to the Slack message in our #demo-channel where Storytell created the output below.

We used the "Remix" button to transform Marc's talk into the following:

A LinkedIn Post:

An Executive Summary:

A Speech:

A Blog Post:

Some haikus:

A Poem:

A Joke:

A Fairytale:

A Sci Fi Story:

All the output above was created using the Storytell Mercury AI Algorithm in under 60 seconds!

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