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The Edit Button Is Live: Find & Replace!

You asked to edit the Storytell reports. We gave you an all powerful button -- and now it works! Because we prioritize iterating and shipping, we started with Find and Replace.

So we say: Find and Replace to your hearts' content! Like so:

Find this text:

[ drop the incorrect word or phrase in here ]

Replace it with this text:

[ what should it say instead? ]

Why did we start here? While our AI is great at capturing the gist of any conversation or document, it's not always clear on the source of the content (was this a podcast? a webinar? a tv show?).

What's more, because of how the LLM is trained, it doesn't always catch company names -- hence turning what was a Liquid Margins Webinar into a Creative Uses of Technology in Education Podcast. Well, guess what? We righted that wrong.

This Find-and-Replace function works for all new reports. When you save your edits, it will create a new report in the same Slack thread. Scroll down and enjoy!

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