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Founders Describe How Early-Stage Companies Can Do the Impossible

This post was machine-written by Storytell, as part of our Using Storytell to Build Storytell series. You can find all Storytell-written posts here. More on how we did it at the bottom of this post.

Storytell CEO DROdio at left with Jason Boehmig of Ironclad, Sankarshan Murthy of Bumblebee, Wei Guo of UpHonest Capital, and Andreas Raptopoulos of Matternet

DROdio recently joined Wei Guo's UpHonest Scout Summit to discuss Storytell and UpHonest's support for Founders:

Haiku written by Storytell:

The journey of starting

a company is difficult but

rewarding nonetheless.

The journey of starting a company is difficult but rewarding, as it requires managing difficult situations and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sankarshan takes ice baths to de-stress. Andreas does road biking. Wei is a gamer.

DROdio shared his journey of starting a new company, Storytell, and how storytelling can help to extend ideas and concepts from an event like this one with others globally who did not have the privilege to attend. It is important to have a vision for your company and to be able to share that vision with others in order to get them on board with your company.

DROdio encouraged people at the event to become founders, as it is an important and rewarding role to create value in the world. He described how founders are the heart of a company. Without them, it would be impossible to do the impossible. Founders have the opportunity to change the world. They have the opportunity to create something that never existed before.

Globalization can be leveraged to benefit companies and founders:

Ironclad provides digital business contracts, Matternet delivers drones and Bumblebee creates space. These are all startup companies that have been able to successfully utilize globalization to their benefit. Jason described how Ironclad is careful to select which countries it does business in to limit support burdens.

How did Storytell create this blog post?

1. I used on my phone to capture the conversation and then ran the Otter transcript through Storytell to transform it into the post above.

2. I dropped the Otter transcript into our Slack Playground. Storytell automatically ran on the transcript (learn more about how that works)

3) I ran a Full Summary report on the source content.

Here is the full Storytell Report and here are the Story Tiles™ created from the raw content:

TL;DR: This was a panel discussion about the challenges of being a startup founder and features a discussion on globalization and how it can benefit businesses by providing access to new markets and new resources.

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