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Jing Describes Storytell's Chrome Extension in a Toastmasters Meeting

This post was machine-written by Storytell, as part of our Using Storytell to Build Storytell series. You can find all Storytell-written posts here. More on how we did it at the bottom of this post.


You can use Storytell to create a Haiku like these two from any source content just by chatting with it in our Crome Extension or Slackbot. Learn more.

AI helps us find

Stories in the everyday noise

Unintended tales

Chrome extension

Summarizing content with ease

Jing's Demo helps

Jing shared the Storytell Chrome Extension in this Toastmasters Group Meeting

Here's the source content we ran through Storytell to create the output below:

Here's Storytell's machine-written output. You can run any source content through Storytell to just by chatting with it and asking for a blog, executive summary, and more. Learn how.

Jing on Storytell’s mission, vision, and strategy

Jing shares Storytell’s company vision, mission, and strategy during his speech at the toastmaster group meeting. He once again shared how Storytell is passionate about its vision to distill signal from noise and understands the challenge of losing out on meaningful moments due to the overwhelming amount of noise in today's world.

Storytell Chrome extension allows users to digest and connect to any content

  • Jing stated that he wants to use Storytell for more than just meetings.

  • He introduces Storytell’s Chrome extension which helps people create stories

    • The chrome extension is an intuitive and simple tool that can be used to craft stories in a matter of minutes.

    • Chrome extension allows users to digest content from any website they visit and generate summaries from that. It also has a live demo and instructions on how to install the extension.

How does the Storytell Chrome extension work?

Storytell chrome extension allows users to digest information quickly and easily by helping users to quickly identify the key points of a story and generate summaries. The extension can generate summaries of articles, web pages, and YouTube videos.

It also provides an interactive chat feature allowing users to ask questions and get answers from an accountant.


Storytell wrote this post using Story Tiles™

Story Tiles™ are the building blocks we used to generate the blog post above. uses a machine learning algorithm called Mercury to break the source content into discrete concepts. Each concept is a Story Tile™ with its own unique URL and metadata, listed below. Learn more about Story Tiles™ here.

Here are the Story Tiles™ that Storytell used to create the post above:

  • Story Tile™ #1: Jing gives a talk on the Chrome extension for Storytell

  • Story Tile™ #2: This speech is about the company's vision and strategy to distill meaningful stories out of the noise of everyday life using their Chrome extension.

  • Story Tile™ #3: A strategy to create and recommend valuable story files using artificial intelligence to distill valuable moments out of the noise of everyday life.

  • Story Tile™ #4: This article discusses the law of unintended consequences, which can have unforeseeable consequences for government policy, and introduces a Chrome extension which provides summaries for webpages and YouTube videos.

  • Story Tile™ #5: A speaker provided an explanation of how to use a tool called Covi's Demo to help with difficult problems and riddles, and invited people to send feedback to a provided email address.

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