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BASE Ventures Invests in the Importance of Storytelling and Relationship Building for Founders

This post was machine-written by Storytell, as part of our Using Storytell to Build Storytell series. You can find all Storytell-written posts here. More on how we did it at the bottom of this post.

DROdio recently joined Kirby and Erik's annual BASE Ventures LP Meeting to discuss Storytell and BASE's support for Founders:

Haiku written by Storytell:

Building a community

To help founders pay it forward

Storytelling helps

In a recent discussion with Kirby Harris from BASE Ventures, DROdio spoke about the importance of storytelling for Founders and the support he's received from BASE Ventures across multiple startups, including Armory and Storytell. He also emphasized the value of a community that can help founders share knowledge and experience with each other, and how his passion project is to build that via FounderCulture. DROdio is a multiple-time Founder himself, and he recounted his story of how he became one and raised money for his company. He spoke about the importance of storytelling and relationship building for founders and how it's a skill that many Founders could hone to be more effective.

The support of BASE Ventures for Storytell and FounderCulture platforms has helped Founders pay knowledge forward and become future Founders themselves. Storytelling is a key component of the community, as it allows for the sharing of knowledge and experiences in authentic, vulnerable ways. The relationship between BASE as an investor and the founder community is one of mutual benefit, where each can help the other achieve their goals. A community that can help founders share knowledge and experience is invaluable. DROdio's story is a prime example of the importance of storytelling and relationship-building for founders. His company, Storytell, is also a great example of how a platform can be used to remove information asymmetry from the world. DROdio also introduced the platform Teamable and how FounderCulture and Storytell use it to help with recruiting.

How did Storytell create this blog post?

1. I used on my phone to capture the conversation and then ran the Otter transcript through Storytell to transform it into the post above.

2. I dropped the Otter transcript into our Slack Playground. Storytell automatically ran on the transcript (learn more about how that works)

3) I ran a Full Summary report on the source content. Screenshot here:

In that full summary, you can see the Story Tiles™ that Storytell created from the raw source Otter transcript content. Below, for example, is Story Tile™ #2, which you can also access directly from it's "secret link" by clicking here.

4. I asked Storytell to machine-write a blog post, haiku and LinkedIn abstract from the raw source content. Here are screenshots of the output from Storytell:

The Haiku at the top of this post was generated by Storytell:

Here's an Executive Summary of the raw Otter transcript that I received from Storytell:

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