Write a proposal based on your company's capabilities

Mark Ku
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  • Data from or about your prospect + your company’s capabilities.

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [PROSPECT_TYPE] with the type of prospect or industry (e.g., sports league, retail chain, tech company).
  • Replace [SERVICE_NAME] with the name of the service or product offered by the prospect.
  • Replace [KEY_SEASONAL_PERIOD] with the critical time frame for the prospect's business (e.g., season end, holiday season, product launch).
  • Replace [DEMAND_INCREASE_EVENT] with the event or period when increased demand is anticipated (e.g., playoffs, Black Friday, summer sale).
  • Replace [CURRENT_PLATFORMS] with the platforms where the prospect's service is currently available.
  • Replace [EXPANSION_PLATFORMS] with the platforms or areas where expansion is considered (e.g., smart TV platforms, new regional markets).
  • Replace [TRACKING_CAPABILITIES] with the specific tracking or analytics capabilities to be implemented or improved.
  • Replace [METRIC] with the key performance indicators of the prospect such as last month's app installs, smartlinks usage, social media engagement, search ads performance, and email campaign reach.
  • Replace [MARKETING_FOCUS] with the current focus areas of the prospect's marketing efforts.
  • Replace [EXPANSION_STRATEGY] with the proposed strategy for expanding the prospect's marketing efforts.
Here's the prompt:
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I'd like to develop a proposal for a [PROSPECT_TYPE]'s [SERVICE_NAME]. Their [KEY_SEASONAL_PERIOD] concludes around [DEMAND_INCREASE_EVENT], and they anticipate increased demand for their service as this period approaches. The proposal will outline strategic recommendations for publisher and media placements to optimize visibility and engagement.

[PROSPECT_TYPE] has established service apps across [CURRENT_PLATFORMS], but there are opportunities to expand [TRACKING_CAPABILITIES] to [EXPANSION_PLATFORMS]. Implementing [TRACKING_CAPABILITIES] on these platforms is a priority to enable conversion tracking and enhance performance analysis.

Currently, [PROSPECT_TYPE] is monitoring the following sources:


The marketing efforts of [PROSPECT_TYPE] are concentrated in [MARKETING_FOCUS], and there is potential to expand their strategy. Recommendations will include [EXPANSION_STRATEGY] with [DSPs_SANs_OPTIONS], providing a rationale for each and how they can connect with high-performance and authentic traffic sources.

Here’s the follow-up prompt:

Great, now use those recommendations to create a proposal. Turn each of these points into a powerpoint slides with [X] bullet points each. Recommend a visual or a graph to accompany the info.

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