Write a press release for your company

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Here is a Template for a simple yet effective Press Release:

  • Feel free to skip the quotes.
  • Don’t include a 'date' in your pitch unless you believe it is important to your pitch (they can lead to unrealistic expectations).


  • Material on your company’s capabilities or the area of focus for this press release

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [COMPANY] with the name of the Company, and the department if needed.
  • Replace [SERVICE | TECHNOLOGY | TOOL] with the name of the service, technology or tool that you are announcing
  • Replace [CUSTOMER SEGMENT] with the customer segment you’re targeting
  • Replace [BENEFIT STATEMENT] with the benefits you’re describing
Here's the prompt:
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Prompt: Write a compelling and concise press release for [COMPANY] that foscuses on the problems and solutions that customers find most compelling. avoid using terms that are overly markety and do not tell me about the solution (such as 'revolutionary' and 'groundbreaking') Ensure the press release conforms to this template:

- **Title** - This is a standard press release title. I like this general format: [COMPANY] ANNOUNCES [SERVICE | TECHNOLOGY | TOOL] TO ENABLE [CUSTOMER SEGMENT] TO [BENEFIT STATEMENT]. You can browse company investor relation websites to get other examples of press release titles and subtitles.
- **Subtitle** - The subtitle just frames the main announcement in a different way or provides another element of detail.
- **Intro paragraph** - Provide a crisp 3-4 sentences that reiterate and expand on the title with a little more detail on the customers served and what is being launched.
- **Problem paragraph** - Lay out the top 3-4 (max) problems for the customers your product or service is intended to serve. Describe each problem briefly and talk about the negative impact of it. Resist the temptation to start talking about your solution. Keep this paragraph focused on the problems, and make sure the problems are ranked in descending order of how painful they are.
- **Solution paragraph** - Describe how your product/service elegantly solves the problem. Give a brief overview of how it works, and then go through and talk about how it solves each problem you listed above.
- **Quote by leader in your company** - Pick a leader in your company and make up a quote that talks about why the company decided to tackle this problem and (at a high-level) how the solution solves it.
- **How the product/service works** - Describe what a customer has to do to start using the product/service and how it works. Go into enough detail to give them confidence it actually solves the problem.
- **Customer quote** - Create a fake quote by a fake customer, but one that sounds like it could be real. The customer should describe her pain point or the goal she needs to accomplish, and then how the product you launched enables her to do so.
- **How to get started** - Provide a URL or other information on the first place a customer should go to get access to the product/service.

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