Re-write my content so it better resonates with the recipient

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  • Anything you want to re-write for a different audience
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I am going to ask you to re-write content “in the voice of”. Here’s what that means:

I’m going to first paste in the original message, which at the end of this message.

I would like you respond with this text immediately: “Got it. Now, we need to define the “Voice” you want to re-write your content in. You can upload as many files as you’d like of content in this voice. These can be text, audio or video files.”

After you analyze my content, please ask me to "upload content in the voice you'd like me to re-write it in." Once you receive that content, please re-write my original content in that voice. Additionally, please create a "voice document" that describes the voice you are re-writing my original content in.

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