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Prompts for Sales Enablement

Utilize the prompts below to extract insights from your sales growth files, such as sales call recordings and transcripts, product descriptions, competitor product files, etc.

đź’ˇ Customize these madlibs-style prompts by filling in the brackets with relevant information to tailor them to your desired output.


  • Company and product data in a format which Storytell supports

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [sales manager 1] with name of sales manager
  • Replace [sales manager 2] with name of sales manager
  • Replace [product name] with name of the product you’re selling
  • Replace [product] with name of the product you’re selling
  • Replace [competitor product] with name of product competitor
  • Replace [product name]‍
  • Replace [company client]
  • ‍Replace [client name]‍
  • Replace [product]
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Mastering Sales Enablement with Expert Insights:

How does [sales manager1] sell [product name] in comparison to how [sales manager 2]]  sells [product name]. Give me the results in a table.

I am a salesperson at [company] and I need to convince [client company name], an [client company field/industry] to buy [product name]. [client company name] is currently evaluating [product name] along side another [product name] called [competitor product name]. How would [Sales Manager] position [product bame] to successfully win the deal?

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis for Your Product:

Create a table that gives me a side by side comparison of how [product] compares to [competitor product]

Crafting Compelling Sales Emails for Prospective Clients:

Compose an email to my buyer at [company client], whose name is [client name], detailing how [product] is better than [competitor product]. [client name] is [detail distinct circumstance: e.g "especially cost conscious because [company client] recently had to reduce it's Customer Support's spend budget by 20%], so be sure to emphasize specifics around the cost benefits of [product vs competitor product]

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