Improve your company’s media performance (TV shows)

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  • Replace [COMPANY] with the name of your company
  • Replace [MEDIA TYPE] with the type of media you produce, like TV Shows or Movies etc
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I am the producer of [MEDIA TYPE] for [COMPANY]. I need to know what investments to make to improve the performance of each [MEDIA TYPE].

What do people think of each [MEDIA TYPE], and how can I improve its performance? Give me an in-depth analysis, including where to put more vs. less emphasis.

Include a table with general recommendations, the reasons for each recommendation, and a column of "risky ideas" to pursue to boost overall [COMPANY] popularity.

Below that, include a table with specific recommendations, with a row for each [MEDIA TYPE]: Put the title of the [MEDIA TYPE] in column 1, the reasons for each recommendation in column 2, and a set of "risky ideas" to pursue to boost the [MEDIA TYPE]'s popularity in column 3.

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