Identify customers in risk of churn

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I am a customer success manager at [COMPANY] and I need to analyze this content to find the customers that are the most unhappy with [COMPANY] and present the biggest risk of churning (i.e., we lose them as customers).

Analyze the content for unhappy, angry and dissatisfied statements, and even neutral statements that have negative sentiment and present the following to me in a table format:

In column 1, list the name of the person who's making the statement.

In column 2, list the company that person works for, if you know it.

In column 3, list the specific unhappy/negative statement you are keying in on

In column 4, create a set of "wild ideas" with insights on what could be done to make that person happy. Be creative and think about what would be most effective to create a positive outcome.

Below the table, provide an executive summary of the overall sentiment from the content and summarize the risk areas to the business.

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