Hypothesize candidate risk factors based on interviews

Pat Intervalo

Prompts for HR Lead and Recruiters

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  • Interview Evaluation form
  • Candidate transcripts
  • Company profile

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [COMPANY] with the name of the hiring company
  • Replace [POSITION] with the position the candidates are applying for
  • Replace [FORM] with the name of the interview evaluation form
  • Replace [CANDIDATE_1] with the name of the first candidate
  • Replace [CANDIDATE_2] with the name of the second candidate
Here's the prompt:
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What are the major risk factors we should watch out for if we were to hire either candidate? What might cause them to fail being successful at [COMPANY]?

Use the [POSITION] [FORM] to rate [CANDIDATE_1] and [CANDIDATE_2] based on their interview transcript. Provide the answer in table format. 1 table for each candidate. In the first column put the evaluation title, score on the second, and explanation of the rating on the third column.

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