Generate development plans for employees

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  • Employee profile
    • Variety of materials, such as work history timeline, professional achievements, skills inventory, personality assessments, peer reviews, and links to professional social media profiles.

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [Name] with name of the individual
  • Replace [Job title] with the individual’s job title
  • Replace [Company] with name of the company
  • Replace [Expertise] with areas of expertise
  • Replace [Time] with time span
  • Replace [Growth opportunities] with a potential list of personal and professional development within the company, encompassing career advancement and skill enhancement
Here's the prompt:
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Prompt: Create a development plan for [Name], a [Job title] at [Company]. They are an expert in [Expertise].
These are their growth opportunities and areas of focus in the coming [Time] — please add to these and help them make a plan:
[Growth opportunities]

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