Extract patterns from user calls to share with your engineering team

Pat Intervalo


  • Call recordings or transcripts.
  • MP4 file of the call recording

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [Name] with the name of the user/s attending the call
  • Replace [Role] with the person’s role at their company
  • Replace [Company] with company name
Here's the prompt:
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This is a call with [Name], a [Role] at [Company]. We will share key parts of this call with our engineering team to help them deeply understand the users’ needs, pain points, and use cases.

1. Identify the top three highlights from this call that would be most beneficial for our engineering team to discuss.
2. Note any specific user pain points, feature requests, or use cases mentioned.
3. Highlight any recurring themes or patterns that could inform our product development.

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