Craft Compelling Emails for Prospective Clients

Mark Ku
This prompt is good for:


  • Product specifications
  • Product capabilities and limitations
  • Details about target company
  • Product specifications of competitor product

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [TARGET_COMPANY] with the name of the company you are SELLING to
  • Replace [NAME] with the name of the client within the target company.
  • Replace [PRODUCT] with the name of YOUR product
  • Replace [COMEPTITOR_PRODUCT] with the name of your competitor’s product
  • Replace [CIRCUMSTANCE] with detail distinct circumstance: e.g "especially cost conscious because [TARGET_COMPANY] recently had to reduce it's Customer Support's spend budget by 20%
Here's the prompt:
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Compose an email to my buyer at [TARGET_COMPANY], whose name is [NAME], detailing how [PRODUCT] is better than [COMPETITOR_PRODUCT]. [NAME] is [CIRCUMSTANCE], so be sure to emphasize specifics around the cost benefits of [PRODUCT] vs [COMPETITOR_PRODUCT]

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