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Prompts for RFP Success Using AI

Utilize the prompts below to extract insights from your uploaded grant files, such as RFPs, files about bodies offering grants

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💡 Customize these madlibs-style prompts by filling in the brackets with relevant information to tailor them to your desired output.


  • A previous grant application

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [BODY] with the body asking for grant
  • Replace [PROGRAM_NAME] with the name of the [BODY] ’s program
  • Replace [GOAL] with the program’s goal
Here's the prompt:
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This content is a previous grant application that [BODY] wrote to get funding for its [PROGRAM_NAME] program to [GOAL]. Use this information in this content to respond to  this content to respond to the questions below about [BODY] and respond in a format sectioned by chapters. All responses are about [PROGRAM_NAME]. Do not mention other programs or organizations besides these two.

[insert the RFP questions you need to respond to based on the grant you're asking for]
1. Is your organization the primary deliverer of this service? Are you the primary initiator of the project?
2. What preparation have you done to date? What have others done in the field to date regarding this need and target population?
3. What is your plan to create awareness or promote your project?
4. What are the alternative modes of intervention that you considered?
5. What are the potential barriers to success and alternative plans to ensure project success?

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