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Market Signal is our North Star

There are no facts inside the building

What this value means:

We measure success achieving our Vision & Mission via our North Star Metric.

  • Our truth comes from our users

How to live this value:

Even/Over Statements for this value:

  • External data over internal beliefs

Putting it into action:

  • Use market signal as the yardstick to prioritize features in our product development.

    • Users will always know their pain. They will rarely know the answers. We focus on sussing out that pain so we can build the answers to that pain.

  • We seek out “Wins” over “Good News”

    • Whenever we celebrate wins and good news we ask What is *one more thing* we could do to make this *even better*?

What this value doesn’t mean:

  • We put customer needs’ first — but not at the expense of our health

    • This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t burn out.

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