July 25, 2024

Building AI With Integrity

Learn how to develop AI that prioritizes ethics and humane values.

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Hosted by Erika Anderson, CCO of Storytell.ai and developer of Clean Communication framework, this webinar is designed to discuss how to create ethical and humane AI by emphasizing human values. Learn how to actively shape AI development with compassion, empathy, and wisdom to ensure technology benefits everyone.

More about the panelists

Alix Rübsaam

Alix Rübsaam is a visionary in the field of AI and bias mitigation. With a background in creating immersive learning experiences, she co-created the AI Bias Workshop with Ty Henkaline, where participants build and train algorithms using their personal data to understand the impact of biases in AI. With over 500 participants from various backgrounds and countries, Alix has demonstrated the importance of who is at the table when building AI. Her dedication to creating inclusive technology and educating others on the implications of bias in algorithms has made a significant impact in the industry.

Alja Isaković

Alja Isaković is the Co-founder and Chief Product Sculptor at Tethix, where she is making tech ethics more accessible through storytelling, play, and mindful software development. Alja is also the Founder and Core Team Member of ResponsibleTech.Work, where she has created an open-source framework for practical tech ethics. Additionally, she works as a freelance UX consultant and learning designer, providing services for various educational websites and courses.

Alja's expertise and dedication to responsible innovation make her a valuable asset for any project or team looking to build AI with integrity.

Chad Woodford

Chad Woodford is an embodied philosopher and futurist focused on consciousness and artificial intelligence, including AI ethics and policy. He began his career as an AI researcher and has worked as a software engineer, technology lawyer, and product manager in Silicon Valley. Chad has advised leading tech companies such as Twitter, Google, and Meta, as well as policy and advocacy organizations like Tech:NYC, on topics including AI, encryption, net neutrality, and electronic privacy. Chad also teaches Himalayan yoga and offers philosophical counseling.

Chad has an MA in philosophy, cosmology and consciousness from CIIS, and a JD from the University of Colorado.

Shannon Hong

Shannon Hong is a Public Interest AI professional based in San Francisco, with a focus on AI governance and building technology for a more just society. Currently leading an Alignment Assembly on AI and the Commons at Open Future, Shannon is also a mentor at All Tech Is Human, a platform focused on exploring the intersection of science, technology, and society.

Webinar topics:

1. What does it mean to build AI with integrity?

- Define AI ethics and its importance in today's technological landscape. What are principles of designing AI systems that prioritize human values and well-being.

2. Case Studies

- Present real-world examples of AI systems designed with ethical considerations.

3. Challenges and Opportunities

- Discuss the challenges in developing AI for social good and the opportunities it presents today.

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