August 14, 2024

AI-Powered Techniques for Technical Writers

Cheryl Solis, an award-winning technical writer, shares her journey of embracing AI to transform her workflow and achieve a better work-life balance.

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Hosted by Erika Anderson, CCO of, join us for a webinar on "AI-Powered Techniques for Technical Writers" with award-winning technical writer, Cheryl Solis. With extensive experience in technical writing, Cheryl will share practical strategies for leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and technical documentation. Replicate her AI success story that led her to achieve work-life balance while excelling in her tasks as a technical writer.

More about the panelist:

Cheryl Solis, Founding Technical Writer at

Cheryl Solis is the lead technical writer for and has been an award-winning technical author, director of technical writing, and writing consultant in Silicon Valley for many years. She is an alumna of Stanford and Trinity University.

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