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SmartChat™ for
Sales Managers

Welcome to Data-Driven Storytelling

SmartChat™ transforms structured and unstructured data into dynamic conversations, making data-driven storytelling more efficient, engaging, and impactful.

SmartChat™ lets you...

  • Gain Enhanced Sales can analyze customer interaction data to provide insights into buyer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This intelligence allows sales managers to tailor their strategies and personalize their approach to each prospect or customer.

  • Perform Data Simplification: Communicate complex data in understandable ways by transforming intricate data sets into digestible, clear insights that can be easily shared with non-technical stakeholders.

  • Stop Being the Bottleneck: can serve as a centralized hub for sales data, enabling better collaboration among team members. Let your team chat with all your knowledge via a SmartChat™ so you can finally get some sleep. for your whole team!

Storytell is a B2B AI platform that helps your team make sense of large amounts of structured and unstructured data and gain actionable insights.

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