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SmartChat™ for Employee Experience Leaders

Welcome to Data-Driven Storytelling

SmartChat™ transforms structured and unstructured data into dynamic conversations, making data-driven storytelling more efficient, engaging, and impactful.

SmartChat™ lets you...

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: SmartChat™ enables you to quickly synthesize large volumes of employee data to make informed decisions about talent management, retention strategies, and organizational development.

  • Strategic HR Planning: By effortlessly analyzing trends and patterns within your workforce, you can proactively address areas such as workforce planning, diversity and inclusion efforts, and training needs.

  • Stop being the bottleneck: The platform's ability to translate data into easy-to-understand reports means you can effectively communicate human resources insights to other executives and the board, ensuring alignment on key people strategies. for your whole team!

Storytell is a B2B AI platform that helps your team make sense of large amounts of structured and unstructured data and gain actionable insights.

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