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Learn what these events are like: Our last prototyping session in San Diego, CA

Join Us: Rapid Prototyping User Offsite
at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, CA

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  • Dinner + Future of AI Fireside Chat: Friday, 7/28
  • Building the Future: Blue Sky Ideation: Saturday 7/29
  • Winery Dinner + Product Roadmap Session: Sat 7/29
  • UX Wireframes + UI Figma Mocks: Sunday 7/30 AM

This is a private invitation - please don't share this URL!

We’re inviting you to join us for a user roundtable, prototyping session, and wine tasting during our company offsite at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, CA this summer. We’re bringing together a select group of users, advisors, and investors to help us build the future of AI.

Come explore the state of of AI in present day and what’s coming in the next year — and the next 10. We’ll take those considerations into a blue sky exercise about what’s possible with our products at Storytell and then we’ll get our hands dirty, creating prototypes based on your feedback.

The Agenda:

5pm Friday, July 28, 2023: Group dinner with Fireside chat with you + the Storytell Founders

DROdio will facilitate a group conversation with Jing, Erika, and everyone in the room around the following free-flowing topics:

  • Aligning on foundational knowledge about the current Large Language Models (LLMs) in play 

  • Who decides the future of AI? Microsoft, Meta, Google? Global bodies? Governments? 

  • How we express our humanity through our product “Human-First AI” layer

  • Trust vs Fear — how do we address these in the face of  AI? 

  • The power of prompt engineering to solve for relevant output? 

  • What are all the ways to distill signal from noise in the onslaught of AI-generated content?  

  • Interpretability — how important is it to be able to look inside the black box of an LLM to understand how it got its results?

We'll have dinner together at the winery.

Saturday Morning, July 29, 2023: “Nirvana” Session: How Storytell will work someday

  • Breakfast at the winery cottages

  • Innovation session facilitated by Flavio Masson, a Chief Innovation Officer from NYC

  • How can we surprise each other with what’s possible?

  • How do you want to use Storytell? What problems do you want to solve?

  • What would it take for you to use Storytell daily? To pay for it?


Saturday Mid-Day, July 29, 2023: T-Shirt Sizing to “What Storytell does next"

  • An interactive session where we will scope down the "Nirvana" state into what we want to mock up and ship

  • Features & functionality -- what's important to you?

  • We'll be creating UX Wireframes from our output

Saturday Afternoon & Evening, July 29, 2023: 🍷 Wine tasting + dinner

  • We'll spend the late afternoon at the Paradise Ridge winery together -- with dinner at the winery

  • We'll be inviting other Storytell users and investors to join us

  • Stay out by the fire pits as late as you'd like!

Sunday Morning, July 30, 2023: Figma UI Mocking Session

  • Our Rapid Prototyping team will create Figma UI mocks based on your input

  • Our team will spend the following week building what we mock up together and report back to you with the output!
Image by Kelsey Knight

Accommodations & Logistics:

  • We can accommodate 7-10 users, along with several advisors, investors, and our core Storytell crew

  • You're invited to stay over at our Cottages and Glamping Yurts on Friday and Saturday nights

  • At a minimum: We recommend you arrive on Saturday morning for a day-trip if you can't stay Friday or Saturday nights


Please respond to Margaux via email, Slack or text if you can join for this event.

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