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Join Us: User Roundtable, Rapid Prototyping
and Bonfire by the Beach

Image by Hans Isaacson
San Diego: Friday March 10th (dinner)
& Saturday March 11th (all day), 2023

This is a private invitation - please don't share this URL!

We're inviting a select group of users, advisors and investors to a user roundtable, prototyping session and bonfire during our company offsite in San Diego, CA -- and we'd love to extend the invite to you.


Join us to explore the state of AI as it stands day and what the future holds. We’ll take you on the inside of Storytell’s product roadmap, where you can make a direct impact by identifying what you’d want to prioritize. After building out a prototype based on your feedback, we’ll head to the beach for a bonfire to enjoy the night scape of San Diego as we let the conversation continue organically.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 5.20.54 PM.png

The Agenda:

5pm Friday, March 10th, 2023: Group dinner with Fireside chat with you + the Storytell Founders

DROdio will facilitate a group conversation at our Airbnb with Jing, Erika, and everyone in the room around the following free-flowing topics:

  • How the technology is maturing: The future of AI (GPT 4 / Claude / other LLMs / OSS vs. OpenAI, Jasper and other monetization paths, the 200+ other YC startups all getting started now, etc)

  • The limitations of AI — and how we see them evolving: Now / Next / Future:

  • What’s possible with reliability and accuracy as per Skeptical Take on the AI revolution

  • Symbolists vs Deep Learning

  • Social & Ethical Responsibilities:

  • Truthfulness vs. Hallucinations and how to handle

  • How we think about “Distilling Signal from Noise” while not creating an echo chamber & more division

Dinner will be at the Airbnb.

Saturday Morning, March 11th, 2023: Product Roadmap Show & Tell

  • Breakfast: Product Roadmap Show & Tell: What’s coming + User group interactive discussion (Could be continental breakfast style, so people can graze)

  • Seeing the chatbot in action

  • How can we surprise each other with what’s possible?

  • How do you want to use Storytell? What problems do you want to solve?

  • What would it take for you to use Storytell daily? To pay for it?

  • If there's time: User guidance on important themes like data privacy


Saturday Mid-Day, March 11th, 2023: User Dashboard Rapid Prototyping

  • An interactive session where we will Iterate together on what an MVP of a user dashboard should look like, including:

  • Features & functionality -- what's important to you?

  • Dashboard UI/UX

  • Roles: Individual / Team / Department / Company

Our team will be rapid prototyping while the group is discussing and we will go from post-its to whiteboard sketches to MVP code all in one afternoon

Image by Ball Park Brand

Saturday Afternoon & Evening, March 11th, 2023: 🔥 Beach Bonfire & Dinner

  • We'll spend the late afternoon at the beach together, with dinner by the bonfire

  • Stay as late as you'd like!


Accommodations & Logistics:

  • We can accommodate 5-7 users, along with several advisors, investors, and our core Storytell team

  • You're invited to stay over at our Airbnb on Friday and Saturday nights -- details on the property are here.

  • At a minimum: We recommend you arrive on Saturday morning for a day-trip if you can't stay Friday or Saturday nights


Please respond to Erika or Margaux via email, Slack or text if you can join for this event.

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