Simplify Monthly Business Reviews

Mark Ku


  • Financial statements
  • Sales reports
  • Marketing campaign performance data
  • Customer feedback
  • Project status updates

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  • Replace [MONTH] with the specific month of the business review
  • Replace [YEAR] with the current year
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prompt: Aggregate and analyze the provided financial statements, sales reports, marketing campaign performance data, customer feedback, and project status updates to create a comprehensive Monthly Business Review (MBR) deck for [MONTH] [YEAR]. Identify the key metrics, trends, and insights across various departments and functions, highlighting the most significant achievements, challenges, and opportunities. Synthesize the information into clear, concise, and visually engaging slides that effectively communicate the company's performance and progress. Provide recommendations on areas for improvement, potential risks, and strategic priorities for the upcoming month. Ensure the final MBR deck is well-structured, easy to navigate, and tailored to the needs and expectations of the target audience, enabling data-driven decision-making and alignment across the organization.

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