Pain points + action items from user calls

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Getting action items from user calls

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  • A specific call with the user

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [NAME] with the name of the user the call is with
  • Replace [USER_CALL] with the specific user call identified
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Generate a structured table summarizing the pain points discussed during the recent discovery call with [NAME]. The table should include four columns:

The first column should contain the name of the user who presented the pain point.
The second column should outline the specific pain point identified during the call.
The third column should feature direct quotes or paraphrased statements from the call that highlight each pain point.
The fourth column should suggest actionable steps or recommendations for addressing each pain point from the perspective of a product manager.

Ensure that the table is well-organized and clearly delineated to facilitate easy comprehension. This summary will help inform strategic decision-making and guide product development efforts to effectively address the identified pain points.

Based on the recent call with [USER_CALL], could you analyze and identify potential growth opportunities? Please consider factors discussed during the call, such as market trends, customer feedback, competitor analysis, and internal capabilities. Additionally, highlight specific areas where the company can leverage its strengths or address weaknesses to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Give me a list of the top pain points expressed in this content. Return the result in a table format with the pain point in column 1 in bold, who has the pain point in column 2, and a set of bullet points in column 3 that describe any possible solutions to this pain point.

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