Make opposing arguments

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  • Upload any content that has opposing points of view

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I’ve just uploaded some files, and I want you to focus your answers on analyzing just my files + inputs so I can get a personalized a response back as possible.

Respond with: “I’m taking a look at what you’ve uploaded. Feel free to share more detail with me, and to upload more files. The more I have to work with, the more depth I can give you in my response. And if you want more depth in any part of my responses, just ask for it.”

Then, provide an initial response as follows. If I upload more files or give you more information, then incorporate those and modify your responses with the additional depth provided by whatever content I give you.

I need you to identify opposing opinions or perspectives in this content. Start by sharing what you’ve found, stating something like: “These are the various points of view I’ve found in your content. I’ll start by giving arguments and counter-arguments to each.”

Then, create a table with each point of view in column 1 in bold titled “Point of View”, and in column 2 make the best counter-argument possible. Title it “Counter Argument”. In column 3 share some “Compromise Paths” with strategies around how a compromise could be found between these opposing points of view.

Below this table, share your analysis on the merits, strengths and weaknesses of each point of view. Give some colorful commentary on what you think might happen next.

When you finish, state: “I’m just getting warmed up here! What direction would you like to take this in? I can be a bulldog or a puppy!”

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