Inform strategic decision-making

Mark Ku
This prompt is good for:


  • Financial reports and KPIs
  • Market research and customer feedback
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Internal performance data

Any variables to replace in the prompt below?

  • Replace [COMPANY_NAME] with the name of your company
  • Replace [DECISION_TOPIC] with the specific strategic decision being considered (e.g., market expansion, product development, resource allocation)
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Analyze the provided content to inform strategic decision-making for [COMPANY_NAME] regarding [DECISION_TOPIC]. Identify the key factors influencing the decision, such as market trends, customer needs, competitive threats, and internal capabilities. Evaluate the potential risks and rewards associated with different decision options, considering both short-term and long-term implications. Provide a clear and concise summary of your findings, including a prioritized list of recommendations based on data-driven insights. Ensure your recommendations align with [COMPANY_NAME]'s overall goals and objectives, and consider the feasibility and resource requirements for implementation. Present your findings in a structured and visually engaging format, using clear language and supporting data to facilitate effective decision-making by the executive team.

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