Create Compelling Event Proposal

Mark Ku
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  • What content should you upload to get the best results?
  • Client brief
  • Event planner’s portfolio and case studies
  • Industry trends and insights

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  • Replace [CLIENT_NAME] with the name of the client or organization requesting the proposal
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prompt: Analyze the provided client brief or RFP for [CLIENT_NAME]'s upcoming event. Consider their objectives, target audience, and any specific requirements mentioned. Leverage the event planner's portfolio and case studies to showcase relevant experience and success stories. Incorporate industry trends and insights to create a compelling, data-driven event proposal that demonstrates Storytell's expertise and ability to deliver an impactful event tailored to [CLIENT_NAME]'s needs. The proposal should include a clear event concept, key highlights, and a high-level timeline and budget, all generated using Storytell's AI-powered platform.

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