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Erika Anderson
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  • What content should you upload to get the best results?
    • Meeting recordings about product or feature
      • Transcripts, video, or audio recordings
    • Any notes about product or feature
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Create a Product Requirements Doc (PRD) based on the content provided. In the output, include these items

Give this PRD a title

Create a table with two columns: Item and Detail. Create multiple rows and list the following in column one, under Item: Target release date, Epic, Document status, Document owner, Designer, Tech lead, Technical writers, QA. If any individuals are not specified for these roles, leave these fields blank.

Provide context on this project and explain how it fits into your organization’s strategic goals
Write the response to this without a table

Success metrics
List project goals and the metrics you’ll use to judge its success
Create a table with two column headers: Goal, Metric

List any assumptions you have about your users, technical constraints, or business goals

List the milestones you want to track, with features and dates

Create a table with the requirement, user story, importance and notes
For the user story, give the first name of a user and state what they want to achieve. This will be in third person. If no user stories are named in the content, leave this blank.

User interaction and design
Add any notes

Open Questions
Create a table with these headers: Question, Answer, Date Answered

Out of Scope
List the features discussed which are out of scope or might be revisited in a later release

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