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Learn how Storytell Protects your Privacy and Keeps Your Data Safe

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We've Built Storytell with Trust and Safety in Mind

​Here's our promise to you:

  • You retain ownership of any works you create with Storytell

  • Our product helps you distill signal from noise while protecting your privacy

  • We secure your personal information using the most modern encryption and up-to-date approaches and technologies to protect your data

  • We give you control over your data

  • We don't sell your personal information, ever

  • If you delete your files, they're gone forever.  

  • If you delete your account, everything linked to your account, such as user info, chat messages, uploaded content, saved prompts, will be deleted, too 

What is Storytell?

Storytell helps you deliver data-driven Storytelling whether within your organization or beyond. 


We know that taking on this kind of role comes with great responsibility, which is why we want you to know exactly how we’re keeping your data safe and secure and being 100% transparent about the entire process.

This is why we have a core company value to Default to Transparency, so you know as much about how we are building Storytell as possible.

How does Storytell approach AI responsibly?

Our goal is to give you, the user as much control as possible. Here's how we do that: 

Your content is never used to train LLMs: We use OpenAI's API to process content, which does not use your data to train its models, as stated in its privacy policy. We are not using your data to train our own models, either. 

Chat responses are based on your content: If you're using our SmartChat™ on files you've uploaded, our use of AI helps to query your database of knowledge and give human readable responses. You can think of the AI as a parser or formatter of content as well as an accessor of information. In this case, that's any information you've made accessible through your SmartChat™ account.

You have the power to delete files: With regard to any content you upload to your account, whether through the Chrome extension or in the SmartChat™ dashboard, you can delete that content, file by file, or in bulk, within the SmartChat™ dashboard. If you want to know more, email us at

Our Chrome extension only processes a URL when it's open, which we call”Enabled.” When it's closed, which we call”Disabled,” Storytell doesn't process the data.

We are building additional features into our product to give you even more fine-grained control over what content Storytell runs on. Stay tuned!

Alternately, you may just want to free up some screen real estate while you keep Storytell running:


You can easily change the size of Storytell by clicking the "Expand" and "Hide" arrows, and by changing the width of Storytell on your screen.

When Storytell is "Hidden," you'll see a small tab on the right-hand side of your browser. If our Chrome extension is "hidden," it won't process the URL -- it will only do that once it's fully visible, as you see in the image on the left. 

What does Storytell know about me?

As a part of helping you distill signal from noise, we ask you to register so we can craft unique experiences just for you. When you register, we ask for your:

  • Email address

  • First Name

  • Last Name

This is known as “personally identifiable information” or “PII.” We store this data in an encrypted (not plain text) state that supports GDPR protocols. You can learn more here: Is everything that is being summarized through Storytell private to the user? Or is that data being made public?

  • Our service is meant for people over the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13.

We enable you to open or hide Storytell so that, based on the page you are on, you can decide whether you want to see the value Storytell is providing for you.

When the Storytell Chrome Extension is “Enabled,” we are collecting the following information:

  • Web page usage data: We look at the web page you are on so we can allow you to run Storytell on that content

  • IP address, browser information and tracking technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts: We use these techniques to create the most personalized, relevant experience for you

  • And that's it! Nothing else. 


We use the latest, most advanced data encryption and security practices we can find to keep this personal data safe. Our approach is certified under major privacy and security standards such as ISO, SOC, and CCPA.

Here’s what happens with your data when you sign in with Google

Important: If you use Sign in with Google to create a account, Google only shares the following information with us:
  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your profile picture

This data is associated with your Google account and it’s only shared after you give permission through Google OAuth Consent Screen.
It’s important you know that we DO NOT gain access to your Google Account password or anything beyond the data listed above. Furthermore, all of our databases are end-to-end encrypted.
Your name, email, and profile picture are stored in our database to help us provide a better service for you by personalizing our product. Our vendors and service providers, which are SOC2 compliant, also have access to the data so we can catch bugs and build a better product for you.
Would you like us to delete your data from our database? Email us at

What does Storytell do with this data?

We use the data above to build and maintain a valuable approach to distilling signal from noise. We use PII to do data analysis. We will never sell your data to third parties. Learn more about how we process your source data.

We rely on some vendor APIs to power parts of the Storytell service, including Google Cloud Computing and We carefully vet the vendors to ensure their privacy policies also honor our approach to user privacy. Here is a diagram showing how we use these vendors:

Storytell Data Architecture

Want to read our full Privacy Policy?

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