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We got sleek on Slack!

Several of you both shared a “Better Meetings” use case with us. We spent the weekend revving on that to make it happen for you, starting with a better initial Storytell summary, right in Slack.

There’s much more to come, but we’ve just shipped the following:

  • More detailed Storytell response that contain:

    • Topics Covered

    • Action Items

    • Overall Tone, Feelings & Needs

We’re focusing on Slack as opposed to the web report because Slack development gives us sleek, beautiful UI and easy capabilities with plenty of speed.

  • Our hypothesis is that improved UI means improved readability, which makes for an efficient use of Storytell reports — let us know if that matches with your experience!

Down the line, AKA in a few weeks or less, we’ll be using this updated UI in the Slack report to improve the web report, too.

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