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Turn your content into a blog post with the press of a button!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You can now automatically transform Storytell reports into blog posts -- like so:

You'll get

  • an AI-generated blog post -- with a title and copy for social media, too

  • detailed part summaries, which we're calling Story Tiles

  • all of this will appear in the Slack thread as a single attachment

Want the AI to give it another go? Just hit the magic button again!

Want to have a human polish up the blog? We've got another magic button for you to press -- and a team of writers to do the work.

Guess what? We now fully support video and audio recordings within Slack by offering "visual voicemail" via a Storytell report

Need to know what's in a video or audio message but can't listen to it? Use Storytell to spell things out.

  • leave audio or video messages; get a Storytell report automatically just like you would with visual voicemail

  • makes it that much simpler to be mobile-first

Ready to install Storytell in your Slack workspace? We've made it about 1000x easier. More to come.

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