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Our Unique Hiring Process: What to Expect (and Why)!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

At Storytell, we run our hiring process a little differently than what you might be used to. We don't read resumes. We don't ask for cover letters. Here's what we do instead:

Step 1: You've found a role that interests you on our careers page and you've applied for that role

Step 2: We email you a handful of questions specific to the role to better understand your approach (e.g. how have you tackled xyz challenge?)

Why we ask you to answer specific questions before the first call: We want to learn more about how you would approach the specific role we're hiring for. Your answers really help us understand you better!

Step 3: We review your answers and let you know if we'd like to schedule an initial “hello” video call with you and the hiring manager to get to know you and for you to get to know who you would be working with

Before this call, you'll get access to a collaborative Notion document. This will be our "joint workspace" for the interview process. In this document, we'll share more detail about Storytell, detail the rest of the hiring process, and give you a space to tell us more about you.

Step 4: We schedule an initial “skills match” video call with you and the hiring manager to explore your skillset and the needs of the role

Step 5: We do a “values” panel with you and a few people in our Crew — here’s why we care so much about shared values

Step 6: We schedule a deeper set of technical interviews with you and the team you’d be working with. Depending on the role:

  • We may do a “mini-project” with you + a deep-dive video call

  • We may do several rounds of technical interviews based on the skills we’re hiring for

Advancing to the next stage depends on both parties -- if we both want to move forward, we will! Every step is voluntary; if you don't wish to proceed, we respect your choice.

What you can expect from us:

  • 🚀 Speed! Our goal is to get from start to finish in under two weeks. We want to respect your time and we move fast because we have a big Vision to achieve!

  • Appreciating you for your interest in Storytell and your desire to build with us

  • Our communication with you:

    • Getting back to you in a timely manner to let you know how we'd like to proceed

    • We'll create a private Slack channel for you and drop in links to the recordings from our calls so you can experience our product

    • Proceeding or not

      • If we choose not to proceed at any point up through step 3, we will not be in a position to offer specific feedback as to why we declined

      • However: If we choose not to proceed after step 4 or any step thereafter, we'll let you know why we made that decision

    • Email is our primary + preferred communication pathway for hiring

      • If you have questions about your application or the process, use email to reach out. We are far less available to respond on Slack, LinkedIn, etc.

Why do we hire this way?

  • We want to understand how you think and what you value -- and we want you to know the same from us

  • Working on a mini-project is the best way for both of us to know whether this role (at this stage of our company) is right for you

  • We really care about our Crew and we want to find people who will help us build new products and bring them to the world

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Rofeal Daniels
Rofeal Daniels
13 feb 2023

One of the best interview processes I’ve ever been apart of! Awesome team.

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