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MP4 Video Support, More Granular Slack Sharing, and Deeper Insights too!

We now support raw .mp4 video uploads!

You asked and we delivered -- you can now just drop a video file into a Slack message and we'll automatically run a Storytell report on it.

Storytell will now run automatically in any Slack channel you've invited it to when you post the following types of content:

  • Any Zoom recording URL

  • Any YouTube URL

  • Any CloudApp URL

  • Any MP4 video upload

  • Any .txt file upload

  • Any block of text in Slack longer than 1500 characters

Share "Part X" Storytell Reports right from Slack!

We recently made Storytell Reports shareable on Slack. Now we've deepened the share functionality to enable "Part X" summaries to also be shared individually.

Want to share just the killer sales customer demo Storytell "Part 2" summary with your Product team? And your Customer Success team? And your CEO? You can do all that and more with the Share on Slack button in the Part summaries so the people who weren't in the meeting can get the full context of just the part that pertains to them.

We've stopped numbering speakers:

Since Storytell is just processing transcripts, it wasn't always getting the number of speakers right, so we've removed the number of speakers. Instead of saying "first" speaker, "second" speaker and so on, now it'll just say "a speaker." Over time we'll dial in the ability to describe who said what accurately.

Go deeper and get full insights!

Want to go deeper on a part summary? Just click the "+" button to see more detail. Want even more detail on just that part? Hit the new "Get Insights" button, and we'll run a full Storytell report on just that part of the transcript, which you can then share on Slack with your colleagues.

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