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Introducing an “Accordion-Style" View of Your Content

Last week we promised a BIG release ❤️ and here it is!

We’ve heard several of you ask for the ability to go from a high level overview to zooming in on the details — including the relevant source content.

In the spirit of “ship fast, then iterate” we have a few buttons that aren’t yet fully functional:

  • "Assign a Human Writer" — should be working this week; for now just Slack us if you want to assign a human writer to turn a meeting or video summary into a blog post.

  • "Edit" — should be working this month; for now you can manually copy the content into a Slack message and edit as desired.

Here’s how the Accordion-Style view works:

Introducing “Part [x] Summaries”

  • We take a long meeting and break it up into parts so that it’s more digestible

  • If you want to know more about a particular moment in a meeting, we've got you!

    • Want more detail? Dig into each part with the plus (+) button

  • If it’s an extremely short meeting, there will only be one “part”

  • We’re still tweaking the minute ranges

Want even more detail? Hit "Get Full Insights" to run a deeper Storytell report on any part.

Find out the tone, feelings, and needs, etc for a particular moment in the meeting.

Too much detail in a Storytell report? Remove it with the minus (-) button:

This is also a great way to “edit” the Storytell report while we work on the edit button functionality.

Other improvements:

We’ve introduced caching so that reports run much faster -- in seconds instead of minutes-- after the first run. (The first run or prompt will still take a little time, as before.)

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