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Are there any deadlines or milestones the company needs to achieve to meet specific funding goals?

We've got a really strong group of angel investors, including:

  • Brian McClendon, the creator of Google Maps

  • Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup and creator of the Long Term Stock Exchange

  • Huipin Zhang, the founding engineer and chief scientist of Zoom

  • Many others, including the CIOs of Intuit and Guidewire, the Head of Research and Design at Amazon, an ML Researcher at Meta, a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, and a VP of Data Engineering at Facebook.

We've also raised a seven-figure angel round, so we're very well funded for our stage of the company. And we're in a white-hot technology market, so our timing is impeccable.

In fact, here's what our early investors & advisors are excited about:

Story Tile™ from Chris Nicholson: "Leadership no longer touches reality. They're just consuming reports that are four layers deep. Enterprise search has traditionally been focused on keyword search, which has not been able to provide the level of detail or context that is often needed to find the right information. In addition, enterprise search has often been tied to specific applications or data sources, making it difficult to search across different silos of information."
Story Tile™ from Shawn Kung: "Storytell is solving for knowledge sprawl in the enterprise. Unstructured data is information that is not easily organized or stored in a traditional database. This includes things like video and audio recordings, text documents, images, and more. ​ The problem with unstructured data is that it can be very difficult to find the specific piece of information you're looking for. This is where Storytell comes in."
Story Tile™ from Kelsey Hightower: "The idea behind Story Tiles™ is that they are a more efficient way of creating value for a company. By breaking down a work product into smaller pieces, companies can save money and time by reusing these pieces in different ways. Additionally, Story Tiles™ can be used to improve communication within a company, as they provide a more concise way of conveying information"

So our deadlines and milestones are very much of our own making, but they do exist! Our goal is to do a very strong equity round within the next 18 months -- and very likely much sooner. We'll be happy to give you details in person.

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