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Customer Experience Specialist



Full-Time remotely working on Pacific work hours (11 PM - 7 AM PH)

Job Type:


$18, 000/yr

Join our Team as a Customer Experience Specialist

At, we believe partnering with humans leads to the best outcomes. This is what makes the way we communicate with and relate to our users so important. After all, what does any startup need to do? Create a product people want and talk to users. So think of this as the “talk to users” department. It’s at least half of what we need to do (and we need to do it well). Excel here and we have a huge opportunity ahead of us!

To apply, submit your assignments (questions at the end of this page) via email to and cc Use "Applicant: Customer Experience Specialist" as subject.

Qualities central to this role:

  • Disposition: warmth, a desire to connect with others and an ability to do so

  • Eagerness: to learn, to support users and the entire CX team

  • Inquisitiveness: inhabiting a state of curiosity to determine what users want and come up with ways to strategize and problem-solve in the moment

  • Superb written communication in English: ability to shift tone, be informal and clear at the same time

  • Responsiveness: so much of what we do is time-sensitive. Are you ready to dive in when users need you? Anticipate users’ needs?

  • Ability to ride the wave of change: uncertainty is central to the experience of any early-stage startup. We may build new products or change our focus, etc at any point.

  • Speed: are you ready to run at the speed of a startup? While it’s certainly a marathon and not a sprint, this is not the humdrum routine of a clock-in and clock-out role.

  • Steady: Never having to be “managed” — always communicating proactively and maintaining focus

  • Agility: Being able to change priorities at a moment’s notice

You will

  • Communicate with users on multiple platforms (including Slack and email) 

  • Interact with them to see how we can get them to use our product daily 

  • Find out what’s working for them and what’s not – and share that feedback with the Storytell team 

  • Note bugs, add feature requests, and share these with the product team 

  • Research content that would be meaningful to our users so you can run it through Storytell in their private channel 

  • Attend our Engineering team’s sprint demos and create KB posts based on the learnings, like so

  • Process insights in ProductBoard so we can turn user feedback into our product roadmap

  • Create demo videos on how to use our product 

  • Help create weekly reports on our users, based on their activity in PostHog and Metabase

Proficiency in the following programs/tools:

  • Google Suite

  • Notion

  • Slack

  • Google Meet / Zoom

  • Wix

Willingness to learn and use

What we offer you

  • An opportunity to

    • exercise your problem-solving skills

    • a massive opportunity to learn

      • all the aforementioned tools

      • How to facilitate meetings

      • Tools to keep you accountable

      • ARCI (often called RACI) as part of your daily communication

    • grow in your career journey through support on many dimensions, such as:

      • 1:1s

      • regular trainings

      • clean communication, a framework we’ve adopted to navigate misunderstandings, etc

    • help to build our systems and processes

    • make a huge contribution to the future of Storytell and AI

      • Learn how our product works

      • Be on the cutting edge of AI

      • Use AI in your everyday life


Why all these assignments? We really invest in you when you become part of our team, so we want to make sure that we are a match prior to signing on the dotted line. We also want to avoid upset and confusion on both sides.

What do we mean by a match?

  • Already being familiar with the tools we use. We’re a scrappy startup, so we don’t have time to teach foundational skills. If you’re a quick learner, great! If not, this isn’t the right fit.

  • Adding to our culture. We want cognitive diversity – not a group of people who think exactly alike. It’s as if we’re creating a delicious meal together and we’d love it if you brought a great dish to complement what’s already on the table.

  • Your relationship to our values. Are our values already a part of your life? This is worth exploring both for you and for us.

  • Professionalism:

    • We are genuine with each other and we’re also focused on delivering results.

    • If there’s a conflict, we always address that with each other directly over video, never Slack or email, using the Clean Communication framework.

    • We do what we say we’re going to do – we show up. We call this embracing accountability.

Seeing how you respond to these assignments is a great way for you to get a sense of how we work and what’s important to us and for us to better understand you and how you work.

  1. Create your own ReadMe in Notion about what’s important to you, your working style, and how you relate to our values

    1. Create a free account on Notion

    2. Read Erika’s ReadMe as an example

    3. Create your own ReadMe – be as descriptive and creative as you like

    4. Include how you relate to our values– how do these show up in your life?

      1. You’ll see the values in Erika’s Zight video

  2. Record a Zight video of you asking your own SmartChat™ questions about your ReadMe

    1. Create a SmartChat™ and upload your ReadMe

    2. Test it out by asking questions related to your ReadMe

    3. Record a video testing the SmartChat™

    4. *Here is Erika's SmartChat™. You should be able to get answers like this about you, when you ask your own SmartChat™.

  3. Watch this short video from a user group call and describe what the user wants to accomplish with our product using the JTBD framework.

  4. Try out our product

    1. Give us feedback on our product – including any benefits or challenges with

      1. Onboarding

      2. Prompting

      3. Output

    2. How would you describe what our product is trying to do, in your own words?

To apply, submit your assignments (questions at the end of this page) via email to and cc Use "Applicant: Customer Experience Specialist" as subject.

Our North Star Metric (NSM) is Skyrocketing!

Our NSM is how we measure usage and has recently surged 100X. It's a measure of the breadth x depth of usage of our product. Learn more about the NSM here.


Life at Storytell







We transforming AI tooling into better outcomes for enterprise knowledge workers using an approach we call DistillAI

Storytell is an early-stage venture-backed startup with some incredible investors including Eric Ries and Brian McClendon. We are looking for incredible people who share our values, including:

We are building a remote-friendly company. The Founders are based in the San Francisco Bay area and we work in a distributed manner across several US time zones.
Learn about our Vision, Mission and Strategy:

We are building AI-driven platform that converts any content into Story Tiles™ and uses AI & ML to create useful knowledge — “stories” — to break down organizational silos internally, and fuel go-to-market and recruiting efforts externally.

Dig into our Vision, Mission and Strategy here.

Our Shared Values:

We believe that being aligned on our shared values is the foundation of how we build, belong, and how we show up for each other and to the broader ecosystem. You can find our shared values here.

Don't Meet Every Single Requirement?

Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet every single qualification. At Storytell we are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive and authentic workplace, so if you’re excited about this role but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification in the job description, we encourage you to apply anyways. You may be just the right candidate for this or other roles.

We offer you an opportunity to:

  • Work directly with our C-level executive team

  • Exercise your problem-solving skills

  • Learn the fundamentals of a startup

  • Grow in your career journey through support on many dimensions, such as:

  • 1:1s

  • Regular trainings

  • Learning and practicing clean communication

  • Build our systems and processes

  • Make a huge contribution to the future of Storytell, AI – and the world!

  • We will support you if you want to become a Founder someday

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