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Your AI Copilot in life
simply by installing our         Chrome Extension
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Get the Executive Summary

Quickly understand what you're looking at with straightforward summaries.

Go Deeper with Story Tiles™

Storytell extracts each concept from your content into a Story Tile™ with a condensed summary, main take-aways and more. Each Story Tile™ has a unique, shareable URL.

Access Your Previous Reports

Easily return to previous Storytell reports from past pages.

Chat with Your Content

Storytell leverages the power of ChatGPT combined with our proprietary Mercury AI algorithm to help you engage with your content like never before.

Your language, your choice. Interact with Storytell in over 90 languages.

Storytell distills signal from noise across all types of content
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Summarize Long Email Threads

and chat with Storytell to ask questions about the emails

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Summarize Long YouTube Videos

and chat with Storytell to ask questions about the videos


Summarize Dropbox files

and chat with Storytell to ask questions about the files

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Summarize Zoom Meetings

and chat with Storytell to ask questions about what happened in the meeting

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Your language, your choice.
Interact with Storytell in over 90 languages
The Mediterranean Diet Really Is That Good for You. Here’s Why. - The New York Times 2023-
Storytell helps you write new content, too!

Storytell can write any type of content you need

Need to write a toast for your dinner tonight?


How about a blog post to summarize a long article,

with a short LinkedIn summary thrown in?


What if you need executive summaries for the last five web pages you just read?


We've got you.

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Go deeper with Visual Story Tiles™
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Share Individual Concepts

Storytell uses an advanced proprietary machine learning algorithm called Mercury to extract the concepts from long-form content and split them into Story Tiles.™

With YouTube, Zoom and other videos, we create Visual Story Tiles™
and include the snippet of the video with just that concept.

Each Story Tile™ has its own secret link, so you can share individual concepts from long videos (like Zoom meetings) with anyone who needs to see just that part of the conversation.

"My architecture team uses Storytell in our meetings
and finds it very useful."
- Brandon, Director of Engineering

See Storytell in Action

Life is chaotic, messy and confusing. We can’t do everything about that, but we can do something.


Storytell filters the noise of your life to deliver you signal, answering the question “what matters most – to you?” 

Our goal is to become your companion, making you more effective and satisfied with how you live, how you work, and how you play.


Here’s a snapshot of where we are today and where we are going: 

Let’s start with the future – Storytell as a clarity layer, providing signal wherever you are. 

Today, our Chrome extension works on any kind of content you can open in Google Chrome. Video? Check. Text? Check. A confusing contract that you turned into a Dropbox link? Check.


In addition to our Chrome extension, you can also interact with Storytell via email and via Slack.


How can you use Storytell today to distill signal from noise in your life? Let us show you: 

Learn more about our Vision, Mission and Strategy

Distill signal from noise

Want a full demo?

"Holy *&&^%% - this was 100% automatically generated?"

Tech CEO

"This is so scarily accurate my mind is blown."

VP Learning & Development

"I'd say you are the `Blinkist` of everything!"

VP at a Fortune 500 Company

“With Storytell, I was able to spend 5 minutes getting full context on a 35-minute meeting I missed, and I shared the Storytell report on Slack with other colleagues who I also wanted to bring up to speed. Just incredible!”

- VP at a Series D Technology Company

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